4g Technology Paper Presentation

Introduction to 4g Technology Paper Presentation:

We live in a world which are mostly bound without wires, i.e. nowadays wireless technology has taken an unprecedented importance over wired technology in today’s era. The most important example of this is the mobile phone boom across the world; mobiles have surpassed the land line wired telephones in number.

With each passing generation the technology is getting more and more advanced. It all started with 1G which dealt with minimal service which was speech, then came 2G which offered transfer of data with slow speed in addition. 3G is the current hot property in marker, with blazing data transfer speeds which includes large multimedia files.

4G is the latest offering in terms of mobile technology, the user gets all the perks as they can use & control this technology easily and effectively. With more and more mobile towers popping up, the availability of signals isn’t a problem resulting in reaching out to a large no: of customers and handling a large no: of data. Security should not be compromised at all and 4G is the safest technology to date. 

The key entities in a 4G set up are the user, mobile terminal, paging agent, access router, QoS broker, AAAC System, Network Management System etc.  One of the main advantages of a 4G network is its network interoperability and to ensure the data remains confidential for the user and for the network provider, the movability across various terminals and through various technologies. Smooth management of data traffic is another pro of this technology; the QoS will ensure the uninterrupted flow of data.

QoS will also ensure that the quality of service provided in this technology is top notch. The network provider controls all resources of a network while the applications and local network are managed by the user. A service layer is defined which operates across various admin domains which in turn holds of many technological domains. The user requests are handled by one of these domains.

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