4G Technologies Seminar Report

Introduction to 4G Technologies Seminar Topic:


The main objective of this 4G Technologies technical white paper is discussing about one of the upcoming technologies “4G technologies” in mobile communication world and also highlighting its salient features. 

4G Technologies – salient features: 

There are rapid changes occurs in mobile communication world. Among all changes, the most latest and extraordinary change has been taken place with the origin of 4G technologies. 4G is a wireless networking designed in order to accommodate best Quality of Service. In wireless technological         world, most of the drawbacks of 3G technologies have been overcome by 4G technologies.

The salient features of 4G technologies are: 

–          The major characteristics of this technologies is having Converted Data & VoIP

–          Data rate is 20-100Mbps, much more when comparing with either 3G or 2G

–          Data is transferring in form of packets and speed ratio is 200.

–          Network architecture using in 4G technologies is Hybrid integration of LAN(Bluetooth, wide area)

–          There are no issues like available bandwidth, global roaming and network scalability as like in 3G technologies.

–          Can able to access mobile intelligent internet options using this technology.

–          This is an IP based integrated system.

–          This is capable of providing premium quality of data and high security along with it is also capable of providing 100 Mbps and 1Gbps for both outdoors and indoors. 

4G Components: 

The following are the four components of 4G technologies. 

 Access schemes

The access schemes used in this technology are OFDMA, SC-FDMA, MCCDMA,

 Interleaved FDMA with 3GPP-LTE.

 IPv6 Support

Wireless enabled devices numbers can be connected without NAT.

 Advanced antennae systems

High rate, high reliability and long communication range are achieved by using multiple antenna technologies

Software Defined ratio (SDR)

SDR defines the Standards constituted by a 4G device. 


Even 3G technologies offered significant user benefits in communication world but have its own drawbacks. 4G is one of the powerful wireless technologies which provide brilliant solutions to all the issues faced by 3G. The latest 4G technology is becoming the most emerging technology in communication world.

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