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Introduction to 4G Paper Presentation:

Internet has become important part of our lives. This usage contains number of technologies evolved in it or we can say generation of technologies evolved in it. The technologies provide the best services for data transfer. The topics we are going to go through in this paper are introduction to 4G, features. A view on LTE, and view. Security in 4G security need in 4G, and security measures in 4G. Architecture of 4G.

                WHAT IS 4G?

                                4G is a technology which provide user an immediate connect to the internet in the surrounding vicinity. It provides seamless roaming. 4G is an IP based network technology.

                Let us have a look at ten views of 4G for which 4G was invented.

a.)    Higher bit rates.

b.)    Cost Reduction.

c.)     User Services.

d.)    Strict Generation.

e.)    Wireless and wired lines.

f.)     New air interface.

g.)    New Network.

h.)    Technology Trends.

i.)      Service Providers.

j.)      Wireless Internet.

View on 4g

                4G uses LTE standard. LTE means long term evolution. LTE is a new radio access technology which uses OFDM. OFDM is used on down link and single carrier frequency on the up link  LTE is a sub part of GSM technology; this is mainly used to support the voice in the packet domain. The reason for development of 4G was to provide service beyond 3G.

Security in 4g

                The security architecture concerns for 4G are the new bossiness environment with less trusted network. Security breaches kept as local as possible. Using flat architecture which causes RAN protocol termination in eNB. Internetworking legacy. To make the 4G architecture secure we need to consider following points. More extended authentication and key agreement. More complexity in key hierarchy. Increase complexity in inter network hierarchy. Added security parameters for eNB.


a.)    Increased bit rate.

b.)    Higher bandwidth.

c.)     Smaller cell in average with 3G.

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