4G Network Fourth Generation Wireless Communication

Introduction to 4G Network Fourth Generation Wireless Communication:

This paper discusses about various questions in related with the 4G wireless communication. The main goal of the 4G is to replace the entire cellular network with a single worldwide cellular network based on the internet protocolfor packet data utilizing (VOIP), video, multimedia services.

The 4G standardized networks can provide high definition video, voice and data services to mobile phone or handheld internet appliances like pram top, tablet pc or other devices. 4G provides technology in FEC i.e. forward error correction which is adopting concatenated coding for multiple QoS (quality of service) levels. The major advantage of concatenated coding over convolution coding method will improve performance by combing two or more coding techniques like Reed-Solomon and a convolution code.

The FEC allows wireless network to send large block of data while reducing bit-error rate, such that increasing the overall through-put. The main goals for 4G cellular services include, interactive multimedia, video streaming and voice, High Speed Global Internet Access using VPN Availability, Service Portability with use of Scalable Mobile Services, High Speed, High Capacity, Low Cost Services, Improved Information Security, QoS Enhancements, Multi-Hop Networking, Spectral Bandwidth Efficiencies (8bits/Second/Hz), Seamless Network of Multiple Protocols – 4G must be all-IP such that it is compactable with all common network technique including 802.11, 802.16e, 802.20, W-CDMA, Bluetooth, Hyper LAN, Wi – Fi and Wi – MAX 3G with other wireless technologies are under development to meet the standards of performance for 4G deployment.

By use of 4G data rate increases of 10 – 50x over 3G which make customers more relay on the video streaming rather than audio since this technology is cost effective than previous generations. The two major companies have now announced the joint development of 4G wireless communication and they are named as MOTO-media. 4G are capable of sending data or receiving data at 20 MB/s which is twice of 3G. 

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