4g Mobile Communication Technologies pdf

Mobile phone industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India at present, our country has the largest no: of mobile users in the world. Earlier mobiles were just there to make calls and send short messages, but today they are much more than just making calls. We can take photos, videos, prepare documents, presentations and share or send it to anyone via internet connection of our mobile sim card.

The faster the net is the customer will be more satisfied, 4G or 4th Generation technology is a successor to 3G technology in mobile communication where the browsing, transferring and sharing of data through a wireless medium will take place at a rapid pace with the help of its mega broadband spectrum.  The band width gets broader and broader with each new technology with speeds ranging from 100MB to even an astonishing 1GB of data transfer per second.

The new system is more safe and secured when compared to the old generation communication technology. The past investments and a large focus on heterogeneous networks are one of the major plus points of this system. With 4G around a large number of E-Commerce applications would be possible and a humongous amount of data transfer is possible. The bandwidth channels are flexible ranging 5-40 MHz with peak central efficiency being 15b/Hz in downlink and 6.7b/Hz during uplink of data. The system is designed in such a way to support roaming facilities anywhere in the world.

One of the main features of 4G is its ability to operate within any wireless structures and standards.Some of the key 4G technologies are adaptive modulation and coding, software defined radio, orthogonal frequency divisional multiplex etc. 4g technology is one for the future and many mobile phone companies are manufacturing 4G enabled mobiles for customers worldwide.          

High capacity and transmissions are possible through:

  • Variable Spreading Factor Orthogonal Frequency
  • Code Division Multiplexing

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