4g Mobile Communication Presentation

Introduction to 4g Mobile Communication Presentation:

Internet has taken the world by storm; nowadays we can hardly do anything without the help of the internet. Earlier we used to refer books, read magazines for enriching knowledge but now everything is on the tip of a button click. Internet in mobile have always fascinated us, not only it helped us to get our desired query result fast, the pure perk of accessing data anywhere anytime was a big one.

Nowadays with the introduction of tablets, net books, laptops and even smart TV’s, the reach of the internet is at its highest peak.  The Long term standard version or in short LTE version of the 4th generation mobile technology was first introduced in 2009, but a primitive prototype was shown 3 years before that.

Technical requirements of 4G:

  • Should rely on every IP switched network
  • Min Data transfer of 100Mbps and max of 1Gbps
  • Should support multi-users
  • Minimum bandwidth (scalable) of 5MHz and can go till 40 MHz
  • Downlink of 15bit/s/Hz and an uplink of 6.75bit/s/Hz during peak link spectral efficiency
  • In the case of heterogeneous networks, smooth switchover should be possible
  • Should handle large amount of multimedia files, user can transfer or share data at high speed
  • The standard of the service should be of extremely high quality 

The current mobile technology does not have many versions; in fact the main two versions are TDMA and CDMA. TDMA stands for time division multiple accesses, where time domain is divided into channels by various devices. CDMA or Code division multiple access permits each and every device in the allotted bandwidth to transfer data. Ultra wide network comprises of most of the 4G hardware, in which electrical pulses are pushed at a single frequency mainly disguised as voice samples. Smart antennas are also used as 4G Hardware.  The software like SDR are mainly used for switching network selection from one provider to another.

Download 4g Mobile Communication Presentation.

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