4G Communications PPT Presentation

Introduction to 4G Communications PPT Presentation:

This document contains the detail description about 4 G communication technologies. The topics we will go through for studying 4G in detail are OFDM, basics, transmitter, receiver, application, and multiple access techniques.


First Generation

                                First generation refers to the first telecommunication invented in 1980’s. it was wireless. The data rate was less.

Second Generation

                                The second generation is called the digital cellular system and it came into existence around the end of year 1980’s. it overcame all the drawbacks of 1G and provide more facilities to its users.

Third Generation

                                The third generation provided mobile user faster data rate for data transfer and more facilities like fax, internet, and voice etc.,

                Fourth Generation

                                Let us now learn fourth generation in detail. Fourth generation uses OFDM technique. The components used by OFDM are transmitter, and receiver. The transmitter transmits the whole data from serial form to parallel form using DEMUX. The receiver receives the signal or data transmitted by the transmitter. The data is been sent to receiver in the form of individual streams these streams are being received by MUX. The MUX is multiplexer which represents the original data. Let us see the application of fourth generation. Fourth generation is used in digital and audio broadcasting, OFDM from the basis for the global ADSL. This technology is also used for wireless LAN connectivity. The advantages of fourth generation are its high efficient speed. Fourth generation technology avoid fading and inference of data. Disadvantages of fourth generation are it requires more power and capacity that is it the device fourth generation technology for internet it consumes more power. It consumes around 20% of power and bandwidth required for data transmission. It has more peaks to power ratio. The multiple access techniques used for fourth generation are TDM and TDMA, FDM and FDMA, and CDM and CDMA.

                We conclude this document with the statement that fourth generation is robust. The base station used has smart antennas. The use of DSP allows inference from multiple paths. It also enables to use biometric security systems.

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