4G Communication Abstract

Introduction to 4G Communication Seminar Topic:

4G network can be defined as the wireless ad hoc peer – to – peer network. In 4G the user joining the network also add mobile router to the network infrastructure. In the cellular infrastructure user doesn’t contribute anything to the network, while in case of wireless ad hoc peer – to – peer network user are supposed to contribute rather than compete for the network resources.

So as the no of user increases, likewise the service also improves for all the users. While talking about the current technology modern cellular devices are based on two type of transmission technology i.e. TDMA (time division multiple access) and the CDMA (code division multiple access) where these two technology are been used in the 2G. This paper discuss about the two technology mentioned above, while taking about the 4G technology it is using OFDM technology i.e. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing. Using OFDM the space domain,time domain, the frequency domain and even the code domain can be used to optimize radio channel usage.

The use of multi – path has made the transmission robust in 4G. The signal has been split into orthogonal subcarriers, in which each signal is narrowband and helps in multi-path effect. 4G also uses the technology like smart antennas and MIMO (Multiple input multiple output). Taking about the hardware part of the 4G ultra wide band networks are been used, which is an advanced transmission technology that is been used in 4G an brief description about UWB has been provided in this paper.

Multiple smart antennas are used to tune and turn up signal information; there are two type of smart antennas, Switched beam antennas and the transmission beam adaptive array antennas. 4G is a unification of different wireless network, including public cellular networks like 2.5G, 3G , wireless LAN Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11) and even the personal area network. Some of the main applications of 4G discussed in this paper are public safety, traffic control during disaster, tracking and tracing.

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