Introduction to 3G V/S WIFI PPT Presentation:

This paper contains distinguish between 3G and WIFI. And to learn this we have to study both the technologies in depth. While studying about these technologies we will have to discuss in details about technologies, their working, their similarities and their differences. It helps us to decide which technology to prefer for mobile internet access.

About 3G

                According the International Telecommunication Union Standards 3G is the third generation of network for mobile telecommunication. This service provides internet access on mobile phones of emerging number of mobile phone users. This helps them to access internet anywhere, anytime. 3G network provides downloading speed of nearby 14.4 megabits per second and 5.8 megabits per second.

The minimum user for the stationary machine is 2 megabits per second. The first country to implement the 3G network was Japan and South Korea. The Japanese company implemented 3G network was FOMA in May 2001 and then it was implemented by South Koreas SK telecom in January 2002. 3G uses a different radio frequency network than other networks used by 2G and which lead to rebuilding of a new infrastructure for this technology.

About WIFI

                As we all know WIFI is wireless network connection. It provides the high internet speed and data downloading and uploading. The products certified as Wi – Fi are compatible with each other though they are manufactured by different manufacturer. Wi – Fi is divided in three main components macro cell, micro cell, Pico cell. Wi – Fi use radio signals and transmits data over          and an antenna.

 Similarities between 3G AND WI – FI

a.)    Both the technologies used are the wireless technologies.

b.)    They provide the best bandwidth usage.

c.)     Both the technologies used are the internet access technologies.

Difference between 3G AND WI – FI

a.)    The current business model deployment are different they have totally different infrastructure for implementation.

b.)    3G use licensed shared spectrum whereas WI – FI use unlicensed shared spectrum. 

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