• Project Title:  “3D Secure Mainframe Project
  • Programming Languages:  COBOL, JCL, VSAM
  • Database Server:  DB2
  • Tools Used:  SPUFI, QMF, DCLGEN

   Project Description:  The 3D secure project was implemented as part of the mainframe technologies training. This mainframe fresher real time project contains three modules and all these modules are the batch applications. The modules are SIF module (Strategic Interface), BLAST module (Acceptance Search Table) and PRINT module.

 The developer in this project involved in the SIF module, this is a batch file where it collects the data from different database tables and format it into single format and then sends the data to the BLAST module. So while formatting the file we will check the mandatory fields and the values of the fields and also changes the descriptions based on the codes. While developing this mainframe project we have used SPUFI tool, QMF tool & DCLGEN tool, Cobol, JCL and VSAM programming languages are used to develop the 3D Secure project code. DB2 Database used to create tables.