2010 Projects Cse

List of 2010 projects cse: 

Download latest collection of 2010 projects for cse students. Students can download project ppt, project abstracts, base paper and source code for projects. Students can download projects which are implemented in asp.net, vb.net, java. 

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Links to download 2010 projects cse: 

  1. A New Approach for FEC Decoding Based on the BP Algorithm in LTE and WiMAX Systems cse project
  2. A Fuzzy Self-Constructing Feature Clustering Algorithm for Text Classification
  3. TDMA scheduling with optimized engergy efficiency and minimun delay in clustererd wireless sensor networks project
  4. A Dual Framework and Algorithms for Targeted Online Data Delivery cse project
  5. The World in a Nutshell: Concise Range Queries Project
  6. Scalable and Cost-Effective Interconnection of Data-Center Servers Using Dual Server Ports cse project
  7. Caching Strategies Based on Information Density Estimation in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
  8. A Privacy-Preserving Location Monitoring System for Wireless Sensor Networks cse project
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