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145 Java Mini Project Titles

November 22, 2011

Find the Below 145 Java Final Year Mini Projects With Titles 

  • 1    Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Java Mini Project
  • 2    Integrated Production System Java Project
  • 3    Network Discovery and Security Analysis System Java Project
  • 4    Repository and Search Engine for Alumni College System
  •  5   XTC A Practical Topology Control Algorithm for Ad-hoc Networks Btech Java Project
  • 6    Collaborative Filtering Using Dual Information Sources Java & SQl Project
  • 7    Face Identification System Engineering Java Project
  • 8    Customer Relation Support System BE Java Project
  • 9    P-Tracker Java Final Year Mini Project
  •  10   Java Network File Sharing System Final Year Mini Project
  • 11    Post Instruction Code System Java Project on Java
  • 12    Enterprise Distribution System Java Mini Project
  •  13    School Health Program System Java Project Download
  • 14    Intranet Mailing System Final Year Java Mini Project
  •  15    Data Encryption System Java Final Project
  • 16    Digital Image Processing Java Project For Final Year Students
  • 17    Java Mailing System Java mini Project Report
  • 18    Relationship Manager Java Final Sem Project
  • 19    Enterprise Email System Code Java Major Project
  • 20    Internet Service Provider Code Java CSE Project
  • 21    PPMC Code CSE JAVA Mini Project Report
  • 22    Desktop Buddy System Java Final Year Project
  • 23    Pushpull Java Mini Project
  • 24    QC Soft System Java Project
  • 25    SAIP Java Major Project
  • 26    ServerTech Final Year Project Download
  • 27    MP3 Java System Mini Project
  •  28    LDAP Mtech Java Project
  • 29    IM Tech BE JAVA Project
  • 30    JMail System Project
  • 31    Issue Tracking System MCA Java Project
  • 32    XML_Enabled_SQL_Server Java Project
  • 33    Web Email Based Search Engine Java Mini Project
  • 34    Web Wizard System Java Mini Project
  • 35    EPooling 2011 Java Final Year Project
  • 36    Blood Bank Maintainance System Java Project
  • 37    Routing Simulator System 2011 Java Project
  • 38    Web Reporting System Project Report on Java
  •  39    VPN(Virtual Private Network) System Project on Java
  • 40    Spam Filter Java Final Project
  • 41    Software Security System Java Project
  • 42    Java Project Report On File Tracking System
  • 43    Compaign Management System Using Datamining Java Final Year Project
  •  44    Placement Activity System Java Project
  • 45    Steganography Java Mini Project
  • 46    Network Latency Monitor System Java Project
  • 47    Multi-Station Broad Casting 2012 java Project
  • 48    Distributed Data Application System Project Report for CSE JAVA Students
  • 49    Universal Scheduler in Java Project Report
  • 50    Split Project in Java – Final Year Java Project 
  • 51    Health Information System Java Final Year Project
  •  52    Multi-Purpose Java Instant Messaging Tool Engineering Java Project
  • 53    Hospital Management System Java Project report
  • 54    Election Commission Java Project for Engineering Students
  • 55    ERIS(Enterprise Resource Information System) Java Mini Project
  • 56    Handicrafts Import and Export Trade System Java Final Project
  • 57    Simple Network Management System Java Mini Project
  • 58    Banking Management System Java Mini Project
  •  59    Contelligent System Java Project Report
  • 60    Corporate HRM Information Scheduler System Final Year Student Project
  • 61    Customizable Filtering Engine for Web Mail System Java Btech Project
  • 62    Data Mast Management Software Java Project
  •  63    Database Independent Report generator Java Major Project
  •  64    Defect Tracking System Java Mini Project
  • 65    Voice Enable Smart Browser Java CSE Project
  • 66    Address Book Java CSIT Project
  • 67     Air Line Reservation System Java MCA Project
  • 68    ATM Application System Computer Science Java Project
  • 69    ATM Banking System Computer Science & Engineering Java Project
  • 70    Bus Booking System Engineering Java Mini Project
  • 71    Chat Express Project on Java
  • 72    Cheating Prevention in Visual Cryptography Java Project for Btech Final Students
  • 73    College Enrollment System Java Mini Project
  • 74    Content-Based Image Retrieval 2012 Java Project
  • 75    Credit Card Approval System java Project For Btech Students
  •  76    Cubical Management System Java Major Project
  •  77    Online Book Shopping System Java Final Year Project
  • 78    Security System in Java Final Year Project Report
  •  79    Data Mart Management Software java Student Project
  •  80    Distributed Cache Updating For the Dynamic Source Routing Protocol Information Technology Java Project
  • 81    Dyn Sec Sur Agent System Java Project
  • 82    E Care System (Help Desk System) Developed on Java
  • 83    E-Classified System Java Project for Students
  • 84    E-Mail Recovered Password System Java project
  • 85    Employee Information and Payroll Management System Java Major Project
  • 86    Employee Tracking System MCA Java Project Report
  • 87    Enterprise Accounting Management System Java Project
  • 88    Equipment Maintenance System Main Java Project
  • 89    Evaluation System Java Final Year Project for Btech Students
  •  90    Fashion Model Management System Java Mtech Project
  •  91    Online Book Store System Java Major Project
  • 92    E-Transaction Interface Engineering Final Year Java Project
  • 93    Insurance Policy Software Management Solution Java Final Year Project
  •  94    Interactive Class Room System Java Mini Project
  • 95    Inventory Management System Java Project
  • 96    IRCS Java Project Report
  • 97    JMaker Simple Java Mini Project
  •  98    Lan Monitor Java Mini Project
  • 99    Sample Bank Management System Java Mini Project
  •  100  College Library Management System Java Major Project
  •  101    School Library Record System Java Application
  • 102    Login Authentication with Smart Card Network Security Java Project
  •  103    Magazine Management System Final Year Java Project
  • 104    MCMS Java Mini Project
  • 105    Medical Diagnostic System Java Engineering System
  • 106    MediTracker Java Project
  •  107    Mobile Service Provider Operations Portal Java Project
  • 108    Monitoring Web Application java Project
  • 109    Multi Level Marketing System Java Project
  • 110    Network Banking System Java Project
  • 111    Network Monitor System Java Project
  •  112    Network Security System Java Project Report
  • 113    Noise Reduction by Fuzzy Image Filtering System Java Project
  •  114    Novel –SCP project on Java
  •  115    ODAM Java Project 
  • 116    HIS Java Project
  •  117    Online Medical Conference System Java Project
  •  118    Online Net Banking System Java Project
  • 119    Online Tele Network System Java Project
  • 120    Online Year Book System Java Project
  •  121    Online Year Book with SMS System Java Project
  • 123    Online Book Store Java Mini Project
  • 124    Optical Char Recognition System Java Project
  •  125    Periodic Patterns Project on Java
  • 126    Personal Telephone Directory Java Project
  • 127    PPDM Java Final Year Project
  • 128    Parametric Project Monitoring and Control System Java Project
  • 129    Student Project Allocation and Management with Eval System
  • 130    Railway Ticker System Project Developed on Java
  • 131     Rank Aggregation for Automatic Schema Matching java Project
  • 132    Result Intimation System Java Project
  • 133    Large-scale Distributed Application System Java Project
  • 134    Secure Net Auction System Java project
  • 135    Java Mini Project Report on Security of Web Forms
  • 136    Java Major Project on Self Training Employment Procedure
  • 137    Java Project on Similarity Measures for Histogram Based Image Retrieval
  • 138    Java MCA Project on SNMP Protocol
  •  139    Java Btech Project on Student Information System
  • 140    Java BE Project on Survey Tool System
  • 141    java project on SW Forms
  • 142    Final Year java Project on Syndication of News Using RSS Feed
  • 143    Java final Year Project on System of Automation of Institute Process
  •  144     Java MBA project on Text Editor
  • 145     Java Project on Traffic Jam Detection

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    i need hotel management system project in java.

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    pls forward “Java Mini Project Report on Security of Web Forms” and
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    Secure Net Auction System Java project

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    i want voice enable smart browser java cse project

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    i need to travling services project in java language

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    i want to project for mca e care system(online help desk)
    please send me

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    bus booking system

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    i want hotel management project

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    i need multipurpose mail system project which is based on java technology

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    i want a idea 2 develop the mini project for hack to client system desktop from server without ant internet or LAN connection are needed. plz send the ideas & source code for this project…

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    Plz snd me java mini project on dekstop buddy system

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    plz send mini project on college enrolment system

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    Please sent me the Stationary management system…
    and stock management system..

    Thank you..:)

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    plzz i want now only

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    i want a latest mini project idea computer science project i javaplatform

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    hi …………..i need e-care system project coding ,testing,advantages,disadvantage,future enhancement

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    hi there,how you doing?
    i need employ’s management or bar code generator or qr cod generator (example there is a list of items then when we scan using the bare code,it will change to bar code or QR code form )

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